Our Difference

Our Difference

You’ll love working with us—here’s why…

We’re efficient

We “get it” quickly. We operate with a sense of urgency. This means fewer meetings and less fanfare. We learn your business, culture and requirements, sooner than most.

We’re honest

We are committed to a fully transparent process. You’ll know exactly where things stand, at any point in the search. We won’t over-promise or make excuses. We will tell it like it is.

We’re gritty

Our team is bound by a strong work ethic and high professional standards. We get the job done, and done extremely well, always with a sense of urgency.

We’re thorough

Being exhaustive is our calling card. We scour the target market until we’re sure we’ve seen it all. This way, when you see our slate of candidates, there’s no fear of missing out.

We’re accountable

We work toward measurable goals and update you throughout the process. We use a performance-based retainer model. Because of our standards of excellence, we aren’t afraid to have skin in the game.

We’re your advocate

Our forte is marketing your opportunity. We represent you with professionalism and integrity. Our brand credibility—and yours—helps us win the interest of the very best prospects and, ultimately, close the deal with the candidate you choose.

We’re collaborative

When you’re our client, we have your back. We make ourselves accessible at any time to lend a hand or be a sounding board. Building supportive, lasting relationships is our goal.