Our Process

Our Process

Our service approach

Roberts & Ryan commits that the partner you hired leads the search and remains actively engaged throughout, along with a team of recruiters and support staff. We know this accessibility is paramount to a successful engagement.

Our performance-based retainer model

We believe fundamentally that a search firm must be accountable for producing results. Most executive search firms trigger an invoice after a set number of days have elapsed, regardless of progress. Our unique model ensures that clients know exactly where we are in the search process, and are billed only when milestones are reached.

Our search process

We converge on the best candidates with unmatched efficiency and precision by:

  1. Conducting a deep dive with stakeholders to thoroughly understand culture and position details
  2. Drafting our Search Summary that defines the role and the ideal candidate
  3. Developing a search strategy, incorporating research, to find the ideal candidate
  4. Saturating the target candidate pool with an exhaustive, tenacious methodology
  5. Screening, interviewing and assessing prospective candidates
  6. Leveraging experience, insight and intuition to guide the selection of top talent
  7. Facilitating clients’ interview process, offer negotiation and candidate’s transition

Our process ensures that we present you with a slate of candidates that match your vision for the role.

We don’t merely rely on our existing network. Our focus is actively identifying new candidates that perfectly fit your role. We continue working until the search is complete.

By insisting on an unparalleled degree of rigor throughout the process, we help clients feel confident that any choice from our slate will be a good one, earning trust.